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Earned Value Management in Easy Steps 

Why Projects Really Fail is a white paper available by request on our Contact page.


Agile Project Management in easy steps, second edition (now co-authored with David Morris) much expanded on the first edition and covering additional topics such as Feature Driven Development and Agile at Scale (for larger projects).


Earlier Books

Project Management in easy steps (2009): John's first project management book, based on the training material he developed over the years for his project management training courses.


Effective Project Management in easy steps (2012): was updated and enhanced to reflect more recent developments such as agile project methodology.


Effective Time Management in easy steps (2012): based largely on the training material developed for his successful Effective Time Manahgement training courses.


Agile Project Management in easy steps (2012): the first edition, focusing on the particular needs, methodologies and demands of managing an agile project.


Project 2013 in easy steps (2013): the latest edition of John's first published book: Microsoft Project in easy steps (1999) covering Project 98 and updated for 2000, 2002, 2007 and 2010.


Project Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps (2014): expands on the need for enterprise level project management in large and small organisations.


The Way of the Project Manager (2012): a book about the sift skills of project management set against the background of Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching (the book of how things happen).


Sourdough Bread Made Easy (2014): something completely different, based on his hobby of sourdough bread making but explained in a similar way to the ‘in easy steps’ series.


The in easy steps books are available from the publisher and all good book sellers. The Way of the Project Manager and Sourdough Bread Made Easy are available from Amazon (as of course are all the other books as well). Many of these books are now available as eBooks.

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